Embed  21st  century skills such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication throughout our curriculum and engage teachers to best model these qualities.

Enhancing existing programs:

Expand and improve unique on campus and travel courses to provide students with the alternative approach to learning by examing similar programs at other independent schools and determining best practices.

Elevate CEMS-(Creative English Medium School) athletics by recruiting coaches that best exemplify the CEMS mission, promoting attendance at events, and celebrating individual and team athletic successes.

Strengthen the quality of the visual and performing arts to generate more opportunities for students artists and performers to showcase their work through performance, art, shows, and competitions.

Add new programs: 

  • Build a robust after school academy with offerings such as music, STEM classes, math enrichment, art,drama, and dance.
  • Implement programs for recycling, energy conservation, and local sourcing of food and materials.
  • Incorporate a variety of strategies to provide differentiated instruction and assessments.

Creative school has always drawn on the strength  to create a unique learning environment in PUNE. We are ahead in providing the most relevant and inspiring education for our students in an interconnected, changing world

Campus Planning

School  is committed to ensuring its facilities are conducive to the teaching of 21st century skills. Classrooms with adequate space to reconfigure seating arrangements is particularly relevant as it facilitates the use of different teaching methods that are aligned to 21st century skills, ensuring students can work in teams, problem solve, and communicate effectively.

Early Years Environment

Our new environment  will be in progress. Architects are currently working on a complete redesign of the flexible classrooms .

21st Century Learning Environment

Planning is also underway for an innovative redesign of the Library . This space will provide a learning environment for students who are passionate about science, mathematics, engineering and technology, allowing them to work individually or collaboratively on entrepreneurial, STEM, STEAM, Coding, Robotics and Design Thinking projects. The project will be completed ahead of the 2019/2020 school year.

Secure, through first class training and development, outstanding opportunities for students and staff; as an organisation dedicated to learning, it is our responsibility that we are providing training and development to secure high quality post 16 destinations for students.  We must also develop the skills and the capacity of all staff.

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